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Case study For Press Automation Company

Press Room Automation group ( put their small steps in promoting Press Automation in 1986 in an under developed Indian Market. In 1995 with wind of globalization, need of automation increased manifold, company went as focusing in adding the range sophistication to meet end customer needs.

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Products of the company

First Indian Pneumatic Feeder.

Concept of complete automated lines in small scale & medium scale industry.

First to introduce Heavy Duty Press Feed lines for 6mm to 10mm thickness coils for Automobile segment.

Multi-Station Flexible Punching Press with programmable feed length & programmable punching sequence for lighting & related long length sheet metal components needed with complete manufacturing & quick change over flexibility.

Business Needs

Economical, Sophisticated, Automated Cut to Length Lines for thin / delicate full width coils.

Company sells machines to big automaker customer in India also being exported to countries in Italy / Israel / Middle East.

To manage such a large customer base it’s hard for company to do all stuff using some basic software’s so company wants the software which manages customer accounts, invoice, quotes, sales order and lead management.

So company chooses vTiger as base software and select CRMTiger to fulfill their customization needs in vTiger.

The Solution

CRMTiger proposed the solution to Customize vTiger System as per company’s needs.

List work done by CRMTiger Team

Customization of Organization, Contact and Opportunity.

Creation of Custom Module called “Work out to factory”. This module will used when sales department unable to provide cost of any machine inquiry. So the sales person forward inquiry to factory staff.

Convert Leads to Organization and Workout to factory.

Customization of Opportunities with same fields as Leads and “work out to factory”.

Change the Layout of PDF export of Invoice, Quote and Sales Order using “PDF Maker” with change in the code of PDF maker to fulfill the requirement.

FAQ customization in customer portal to add an option for customer to Add image of machines.

Tools and Technology

CRM Demonstartion

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