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MEAN STACK Development

You want to build dynamic web applications that are fast, flexible, powerful and cloud-ready. MEAN is here to help you. MEAN is web stack that is mainly used to create cloud-hosted applications which are fast, powerful, feature-rich, scalable, flexible, robust, extensible, and maintainable. MEAN is stack of Open Source components that together provide solution to build dynamic web applications; starting from the top (front-end) to the bottom (database). This stack is made up of:

MongoDB is popular, open source NoSQL database that provides a way to store data in JSON-like format. With MongoDB, you get scalability and flexibility.

Express is an open source web application framework for Node to build fast, flexible, robust and secure web application and APIs.

Angular is referred as a client-side framework and is used in front-end web development with high efficiency and potentially to develop high-end web applications.

Node.js is a cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that runs your back-end application. Node is the backbone of the MEAN stack.

Benefits & Services of MEAN STACK Development

JavaScript Language

No need to learn separate language.

Open Source Framework

Build dynamic websites and applications.

Flexibility and Scalability

Easily program MEAN-based app with code-reusability.

Better and Faster Performance

Event driven and scalable architecture gives the best performance.

Security Architecture

Highly secure applications based on security guidelines and practices.

Cloud Integration

Cloud solutions save time, money and space.


NoSQL Symbol required & handling migrations were never this easy.

Why Choose Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd?

Dynamic & technically competent Pros
Fully analyzed & tailored apps
Bug free deliverables
Complete & justified work qunatity
100% client satisfaction
24x7 round the clock support
Drop us your project’s word and other files that can help us visualize or understand your thoughts
We will provide you with start and end dates with clear wireframing
You can also express idea based on similar kind of web/mobile app URLs of your competitors

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