Dynamics 365 New features

There are lot of new features came with Dynamics 365. Some of them are listed below.

1 App Modules

With app modules, users have ability to create highly targeted apps using drag and drop functionality.

App Designer1
This will allows to create new app without writing single line of code.
App details required to provide in order to create the app.

App Designer

2 Business Process Flow Designer

With Business Process Flow Designer, it is so much easy now to create the flows and rules you need, especially as the capabilities now include timers, suggestion bubbles and ability to call workflows directly.

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3 Relationship Insight

Your assistant will analyze your data and provide suggestions, capture rich signals from Exchange, generate a collection of Action cards, and more.

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4 Editable Grids

The new editable grids provides inline editing capabilities in the main grid and subgrids without having to switch between records or views. The new editable grids are supported in the Dynamics 365 web client, Dynamics 365 for phones and Dynamics 365 for tablets.The editable grids also support client-side events and methods that can be used in order to create custom client extensions according to your business need. It also allows grouping and dragging columns around.


5 Relevance Search

This new powerful search tool will find matches for any word or phrase in any entity or Relevance Search enabled field. Relevance search provides global search experience to your business application as it is powered by Microsoft Azure search. Now there is no requirement to use wild card while performing search. Earlier Relevance Search was only available with web browser, but now it is available with any mobile client. You can narrow down your search result with the use of facets and filters. The capabilities of the relevance searched is so improved that now you can search for text in a document stored in microsoft 365. The document include note, attachment on email or appointment. It also supports multiple formats like pdf, rtf, xml, html, eml etc.


6 Learning Path

Learning Path provides a nice way in order to help people discover new functionalities and features to become familiar with new forms or business processes at their own time and pace right from the app. This can help in reducing training time and costs and also enable employees to quickly become productive using Dynamics 365. It is a powerful tool for creating custom help experience for your customers. This tool include authoring content to walk the users through guided tasks, videos, how-to and other documentation.


7 Power BI

Business Intelligence (BI) tools have become so important, as companies seek better and better to make them stay informed in order to have good decision making capability with the all information they have on their finger tip. And Microsoft’s Power BI has tremendous capability to achieve it. The capabilities of Power BI in Dynamics 365 have been further enhanced so that you can include “tiles” to dashboards, prepare entire dashboards in reports and make them interactive, and create real-time visualizations. Power BI for Office 365 cloud service works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in order to provide a self-service business analytics solution. Power BI automatically refreshes the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) data displayed. With Power BI Desktop or Microsoft Office Excel Power Query for authoring reports and Power BI for sharing dashboards and refreshing data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), sales, marketing, and service personnel in your organization have a powerful new way to work with Dynamics 365 data

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