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MindBody Integration – complete set of tools for a yoga studio from within your website

MindBody software is a generous product that helps you organize and grow your yoga studio, it is a software for the professionals of wellness industry.
50,000+ local businesses and 3,25,000+ wellness practitioners in 130 countries use MindBody’s integrated software to manage, run and market their businesses.”
It is user friendly, and flexible enough that can be adopted by a variety of wellness practices who deliver classes to live healthier.
It has all the cutting-edge features including

  • online scheduling of facility & class
  • appointment notifications for staff
  • Google calendar & Facebook integration
  • member management
  • a variety of payment options

If you are seeking kind of mobile application that is well-integrated with website and which is scalable to meet the needs of yoga centres of all sizes, Mindbody is a perfect solution.
It discreetly helps Yoga practitioners in activities like

  • evaluate results  &
  • engage with clients

What we do?

Software developers at Variance Infotech integrate all the tools of MindBody application with your website.
After we implement what is required, you can access functionalities of MindBody like

  • online scheduling
  • application’s marketing tools
  • payment processing
  • custom reports generation
    and much more directly from admin panel of your website.

No matter the complexity, we connect MindBody API with your native business system or CRM to create a branded app that is tailored according to your practice specific environment.
Coders and IT consultants at Variance Infotech first experiment against test data using MindBody API Sandbox before implementing functionalities of new integration with live data.
We leverage RESTful API services using .Net (or PHP) with your system.
To know more about technically oriented aspects, schedule a free demo today.

Why MindBody?

Empower your Yoga center with enterprise grade mobile app that identifies and explores opportunities for business growth.
All health industry consultants like

  • a solo health coach
  • massage therapist
  • personal trainer, or
  • instructor or
  • a big multi-location gym owner

can manage daily schedule and streamline tasks using MindBody application.


Appointments via Facebook

Yes, anyone with Facebook account can sign-in using it and book a class at stipulated date, day and time. Mentor can add exaggerated clients to waitlist when workshops are crowded. Also, you avail 2-way SMS facility for Android -iOS & can send-receive reminders.


Offer promotional codes

Offer your prospects best deals and discounts on your point of sale and on internet also. Know marketing metrics on dashboard of mobile application. Leverage referrals and point-based rewards system for acquiring more leads.


Memberships & Autopay Billing

Monitor visits, personal information, and purchases by each client member. Enable member only perks and bookings. Accept credit card payments through MindBody software. Create & mail invoices, reduce turnaround time.


Better Staff Management

Manage horde of employees in methodical way and allocate them personal login. Determine who can perform certain functions and give rights to open screens accordingly. Schedule assistant tutors and assign rates as per skills.


Launch Email and SMS campaigns

Target inactive clients and effectively drive marketing efforts. Import data from other softwares to reduce manual efforts. Good level of intellisense(auto-complete) is provided throughout all the screens.


Administer business from nuances

MindBody application is termed as yoga & fitness CRM. It comprises of bunch of applications. Exceptional utilities available in it are integrations for Gift Cards, PoS, Shipping(UPS/FedEx), Printing of Barcodes, etc.

Our Service

Variance Infotech provides qualified technical support for the entire life of your integration work, not just during when process is executed.
Our strong hands-on MindBody API guarantees the design and delivery of the most appropriate solution that adheres your business needs.

  • Depending on your budget, we establish all 3 kinds of setup – Cloud, SaaS, Web based
  • We serve plethora of customizations in MindBody’s mobile app. Depending on your requirements, we may provide Android Native and iOS Native specific tailoring that can differ you from competitors who use the same(MindBody) solution
  • We deliver bug-free endpoints for
[GET] GetClients
[POST] AddOrUpdateClients
[POST] GetActivationCode
[GET] GetClasses
etc. and many more
  • All outputs will be translated from XML to JSON when requested