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New challenges for Real Estate Agents in the age of Internet

More than sufficient number of Real Estate agents are available online and offline, regardless of region of the world you are living in. Only a few of them allow visitors to view properties with 360 degree flexibility by serving fantastic website that is packed with rich media objects such as videos, maps, street views, HD images etc. To underpin hassle-free navigation of lands, buildings and amenities, you, as realty broker, has to provide various filters or drop-down boxes so that potential buyer can single out and view what he/she is exactly searching within budget without wasting time.

How we get your website / mobile app fully ready with MLS data?

By exchanging all required data points with MLS by utilizing RESTful Web API interfaces. We then display imported data on your site to show to visitors.

Major Benefits of MLS integration

For real estate agents who are in search for STANDARD marketplace where they can tie “legal” agreement of compensation by allowing other agents to sale property which is otherwise under their rights for selling on behalf of real property owner, MLS is an excellent facility.


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