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MLS Integration – Build a highly connected real estate portal that enables collaboration with other agents

“Worldwide, 13% property websites already use MLS service to connect with other realtors and number is increasing day by day.”
Software Engineers at Variance Infotech write dozens of code snippets to get you all property related data on your website or CRM or even for offline viewing.
Sales & Marketing is all about key information available on fingertips at right time.
Why take a rescue? Rather ask us to get you methods that frequently extracts key data from MLS server and imports back into your website database.

How we get your real estate website / mobile app fully ready  by integrating it with MLS data?

By exchanging all required data points with MLS by utilizing RESTful Web API interfaces.
We then display imported data on your site to show to visitors.

Also, we convert data in the desired format as required by your system so that it can be seeded/imported correctly


  • We write scripts, and generate standard HTTP requests and responses in JSON format
  • After we are done with code generation and configurations/settings adjusted, you will get 1 way sync of data that earns plethora of information directly in your web application such as properties, brokers, agents, and open houses etc, you will not need to fetch from MLS server
  • Given below are procedural screenshots which we come across during implementation.

RETS Connector settings (Provided by MLS Distributor):


Major Benefits of MLS integration

For real estate agents who are in search for STANDARD marketplace where they can tie “legal” agreement of compensation by allowing other agents to sale property which is otherwise under their rights for selling on behalf of real property owner, MLS is an excellent facility.
MLS server integration is an ideal solution, so as you can avoid rushing physically to possess sufficient amenities in your site database to allow prospects to choose from.

Utter benefit of integrating MLS systems is that an MLS subscriber can retrieve complete information about all homes for sale put by participating brokers.


Connect with authenticate Brokers

Most MLSes have rules to join, i.e. subscriber has to showcase licence or association with other local boards of realtors. This essentially pushes you, a real agent up by decreasing competition.


Unified commission rate

Any broker listed on MLS has to reveal his compensation rate if property under his exclusive right is published so that it can be sold by other brokers of same MLS. Therefore, you are assured of open and guaranteed payments.


Tremendous data fields uncovered

Alike public website of any builder/broker, MLS system is standardized by RETS norms. Therefore, it contains full descriptions and features about a property that a cooperating broker may need to ask before putting marketing efforts for it.


RETS reduces transaction data amount

Since yesterday, you need to import only new listings on your system, not all data – from MLS server.  Data extraction procedure is also simplified as RETS protocol now offers some standardization for naming of data fields.


Determine fair price of property

MLS system generates valuable reports. By comparing properties, past sales prices or after observing monthly supplied statistics, you come to know about current trends and rates of the real-estate market.

New challenges for Real Estate Agents in the age of Internet

More than sufficient number of Real Estate agents are available online and offline, regardless of region of the world you are living in.
Only a few of them allow visitors to view properties with 360 degree flexibility by serving fantastic website that is packed with rich media objects such as videos, maps, street views, HD images etc.

To underpin hassle-free navigation of lands, buildings and amenities, you, as realty broker, has to provide various filters or drop-down boxes so that potential buyer can single out and view what he/she is exactly  searching within budget without wasting time.

Our service – software programmers at Variance Infotech are here to set you on MLS


Noticeably, a third party application is required to be developed by a real estate firm before he can export data from region specific MLS server and then import it into his own system.

If you are REAgent and completely new to MLS term, you can know more about role and importance of MLS(Multiple Listing Service) here.