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A Leading provider of vTiger solutions launch mobile apps for user with access of vTiger community edition with version 6.5+ or hosted vTiger.

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About Company

CRMTiger is the leading provider of vTiger Consulting Services, Company offers various extensions built for vTiger to extend capability of vTiger CRM."CRMTiger mobile apps for vTiger"-is the dream project of CRMTiger Team to cater needs of Customer to access their vTiger CRM from anywhere in world using mobile apps access.

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"CRMTiger Apps" Helps vTiger Community users to access their CRM data online from Mobile Apps and communicate with Customers.

Important Features

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View and modify CRM data even while offline
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Location based search and view records on map
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Calendar event listing on home screen
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View History on
home screen
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View public filter count on home screen
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Notification with vibrate mode and sound

CRMTiger Mobile Apps Features

Stable Version

Push Notifications

Sales Team Tracking (GPS)

CheckIn / Checkout meeting with location

Activity Stream updates (History of all updates)

Live Tracking of Users

Map view of Leads / Contacts

Intuitive Quotes from Mobile App

Call Logging

How Mobile App Looks Like ?

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