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Node.js - Popular backend application widely use by major company like Facebook, Instagram, Google and many more.

"Major reason of transformation to Node.js is OpenSource and Free to use, No License is required"

What makes Node.js a preferred software for your next (Web) App?

  • point-1

    Open Source

  • point-2

    Speeds up development

  • point-3

    Highly scalable for web projects

  • point-4

    Supports all programs written in Javascript

  • point-5

    One language for server side and client side execution environments

  • point-6

    Ideal for real time apps like chat and multimedia streaming

  • point-7

    Well suited for cloud

Our Successful Delivery with Node.js

A couple of recent projects using NodeJS are timely delivered with highest customer satisfaction

Web.WhatsApp Rendering within CRM

Project covered parsing of Web Whatsapp using Node.js with following features

  • WhatsApp Integration with third party CRM through APIs
  • Integrate Scan QR Code from Web WhatsApp
  • Send and Receive WhatsApp messages within CRM
  • Automated ChatBot to reply WhatsApp messages

FireFlow - Cloud Apps Integrations Tools

Web Based Tools developed in NodeJS to Connect Applications together

  • Seamless Integration Design
  • Connect Cross platform Application with each other
  • Automate Data Synchronization
  • Powerful Audit Log
Why Choose

Why you should choose Variance's Team for Node.js ?

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    Rapid Development

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  • feature-4

    External Packages

  • feature-5

    Cross-Platform Teams

  • feature-6

    Open Source

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