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Node.js is an open-source server side runtime environment. It is built on Chrome's V8 engine and this make Node.js very quick and lightweight ecosystem. Node.js can be used to build contrasting types of applications such as command line application, web application, real-time chat application, REST API server etc.
Node.js is a ideal tool for building modern, server-side web and network applications because it uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and effective.
By providing modules to work with file system, developers can also use Node.js for creating shell scripts for task automation. Node.js asynchronous by default so it performs quicker than other frameworks.

Why We did Choose Node.Js ?


The single-threaded, event-driven architecture of Node.js empower to handle multiple simultaneous connections well organized.

Building Cross-Platform Teams

As Node.js is JavaScript, it fills the gap between frontend and backend, Node.js allows you to develop an application for different platforms without worrying about compatibility.

External Packages

Node.js has the largest package manager in the software world in own ecosystem - NPM. Any developer can publish own modules in a public repository. Each module usually takes care of one task, so it is very successful.


Node.js grab scalability from the get-go, with powerful load balancing over multiple CPU cores.

Rapid Development

Using the same codebase between different platforms and the same language on front-end and back-end sides gives clients a quicker time to market.

Open Source

Node.js is an open source environment, it is free to use and easy to install. The group of Node.js is open, enthusiastic to share any packages of code.

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