Open Source Php Development

PHP is a scripting language that’s popular for web development techniques to produce effective and dynamic websites. It’s a standard purpose programming language, and also code is actually analyzed and processed by an interpreter utility that performs command line execution from the source PHP code provided with a unique source file. There are lots of resources on the PHP environment, because it helps several kinds of web development, including graphical applications.
Variance InfoTech offers expert PHP / MySQL web design and programming services for various clients needs.
Depending on client specific requirements variance PHP team is capable to develop a customized LAMP-based (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) solution from considerably small website to complex internet application. Our PHP web developers are ready to serve with any challenges and complexity using latest technology and customization techniques.

Benefits of web application development using PHP

  • It’s open source and free to use.
  • Rapid web development.
  • Excellent support for XML, LDAP, IMAP, JAVA and various internet protocols.
  • PHP extension and Add-on Repository.
  • Offers various security levels.
  • Supports multiple platforms.
  • Excellent support for multiple databases like, MySQL, MS Sql, Oracle etc.
  • PHP іѕ friendly wіth аƖƖ web servers Ɩіkе Apache, IIS, etc.
  • It саn bе fixed іntο thе HTML code without аnу difficulty.