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Outlook Integration – Connect and unite facilities of mail server, scheduling service and calendar system

“18% Americans check their emails while driving.”
“45% of email opens occurred on mobile, 36% on desktop and 19% in a webmail client.”
(Source: EmailMonday)

Access to powerful webmail is a requirement, and in vested interest of any business.
Outlook is one of the most sought-after applications.
It redefines ways how you interact and engage with customers.
Outlook mail can be used as a stand-alone application, or can work in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server.
We help our clients connect it with their website or mobile application, so that it works just like internal component of your business system.
If both Microsoft Outlook® and your company system/CRM are necessary to execute day-to-day tasks, you can project productivity by incorporating automatic synchronization of data between two systems.
This type of Outlook API-CRM(customer relationship management) software integration autonomously exports & imports information like


calendar events





and many other objects to reflect stateful data.
When implemented thoughtfully, duplication of entries are eliminated altogether, i.e. you get notification for if any contact/entity  has already been added with same email id or phone number.
If you’re using Microsoft Office® or Outlook for years now, you can keep continuing on it without transitioning to different e-mail application.
All you need to do is filtering out of required fields that should be pushed and pulled in real time.
Then your communications, scheduling, and related data points are available in adjacent system with Outlook API integration in place.

What we do?

Depending on your requirements, developers at Variance Infotech  implement bi-directional or one-way sync to

  • mails
  • calendar events or
  • contacts

directly with MS Exchange server.
We highly use web services, hence full firewall transparency is supported.
Once integration work is completed, you can add new records, or import existing emails from your Outlook client.

Why Outlook ?

Microsoft Outlook is a versatile mail server that has all three interfaces

  • web based
  • mobile and
  • desktop

It is fully capable to well exchange data with many devices and applications.
It is easy to make Outlook talk with a variety of applications.
Therefore, alike many standard mailing solutions, Outlook offers 360 degree flexibility.


Protect email from hackers

This includes protection against junk and phishing email. Outlook has built-in scanner that notifies you when something from malicious sender is received.


Extended connectivity

Wherever you go, carry all your contacts, calendar tasks and notes in phone. Outlook by default keeps its all three clients updated and stores data for offline view.


Effortless organization

Outlook is best termed as multi-app solution. It isn’t just a tool to send and receive e-mails but also facilitates features such as syncing of calendar events, reminders attachment for email, ribbons etc. so that you can take actions on time.


Status flags

You need to prioritize mails by looking at grid view, not after opening mails one by one. Outlook provides colourful status symbols to indicate this. As of this writing, Gmail does not provides facility to sort mails based or urgency and importance.


Shared calendars

Outlook ecosystem is user friendly.  You can restrain business relationships by having  better control over calendars editable by one but viewable by both parties. Also, you can administer  sharing level.


Schedule meeting rooms

Automate and accelerate daily tasks by scheduling resources like meeting rooms, projectors etc. Resource then acts just like an attendee and auto-responds to event. Many other scheduling softwares exhibit frustrated experience for this facility.

Our Service

A reliable and business-class email is without-a-doubt necessity for any business, whether an enterprise, SMB or one-roof shop.
When clients turn to us for a permanent solution, we recommend integrating Microsoft Exchange with their established setup.

  • Initial meeting to estimate complexity of integration process and related price quote for the same
  • API integration process execution in chronological order, we prop-up IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP3 during procedure
  • Our developers utilize Outlook REST APIs to extend and build solution
  • Connect Outlook with Dynamics 365, NetSuite,  or your native system
  • Interpolate/adhibit Outlook to Android/iOS application using newly generated Add ins of Microsoft®