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Project-based Outsourcing Steps


Work and Activity


Analysis and Requirements requirement understanding
Define Project Scope architecture understanding point critical issue
Project Proposal SRS
Feature Estimation Project Plan System Architecture
Design Documents creation Develop Design SchemaDesign Application StructureDesign Database DiagramCreate detailed project plan Design Document
system architecture
QA Plan
Development/Unit testing Module wise coding
Unit Testing
overall development
Test case development
Test Plan
Code Review ReportCode Walkthrough Review
System Test Cases
Staging Server testing(Client end) Unit Testing client testing reportPrioritize clients new requirement after testing
System testing/Integration Bug Fixing
CR(Change request) review
Update test cases
Update Design Document
Test Plan Test Cases
Test Log sheet
Approved Change Requests
Updated Design Document
Acceptance/Release to Production Verify Acceptance criteria
CR review
User Training
Development of User Manuals
Sign Off on Acceptance
List of QA bugs
User Manuals
Installation/Release Notes

Outsourcing Model

Project-based outsourcing is the best in your project requirements and deliverables are clearly defined. Project-based outsourcing provides for greater flexibility for resources with pricing being based on the project scope. Variance takes over control of the complete software development process, with progress being monitored against agreed upon benchmarks. Typically, the client is only involved in defining requirements as well as reviewing the important mid way and final results. With this delivery model, Variance take responsibility for development risks, while the client retains full control over business process and outcomes.

Time when consider project outsourcing

Obtain Cost benefits during the development of project

Outsourcing short term or long term goal

When Project deadlines are constrained

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