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Payment Gateway Integration services – Receive quick payments from customers

We hold 5+ years experience in implementing  wide array of transactional banking add-on module creation services.
Payment gateway is an ecommerce service that enables secure online(internet) payments that your business can receive through credit cards / debit cards.

What we do during integration process

  •  Elaborate module writing that connects your website with all third-party payment gateways, using any modern programming language
  •  Security aligned programming approach that includes 128-bit SSL encryption
  •  Tailored code snippets which is compatible with your custom made products
  •  Short yet complete sales funnel that results in repeat buyers
  •  Seamless checkout experience between desktop and all mobile-like devices
  •  Easy payment collection ensures extended business deals

Developers at Variance Infotech are proficient in integrating various payment gateways with your

  • Website / Mobile App
  • ERP/CRM system
  • Your business specific system

Adding any of payment gateway integrations to your system naturally boosts your marketing efforts and conversions because it aids in creating 360 degree flexible check-out process.

Let customers choose from a variety of payment options, rather ignoring for the purpose of billing options conflicts.
List of payment gateway integrations we already paved in clients’ systems:








Payment Express







Why add Payment Gateway with website/mobile app?

Several kinds of payment modes get available into your native business system depending  on features of specific payment gateway in action.
Regardless of availability of features more or less, addition of new payment gateway in existing system proves lucrative.



Fastest way to execute transactions

Without this kind of component attached to your website, your business cannot complete transactions using online model truly.


Sell in night hours (24×7)

Although not everyone sells type of products that can be rolled out at night time, those who do, payment gateway integration is prolific solution to earn in after hours.


Reduces geographical barrier

Do not let go opportunities involving distant deals or place. Surpass slow methods of payment like cheque or DD that keeps you waiting.


Easy mobile payment

When given a choice, more than 25% buyers use their phones/mobile payment apps over delivering in cash while shopping. Leverage this fact for your business advantage.


Extra facility of Currency conversion

Yes, this is added side benefit. This is one of discreet reasons why a merchant should link white label payment gateway solution with web/mobile application. It allows business to span countries and currencies.

“In 2016, U.S. Consumers bought $47.6 billion of physical goods via remote mobile payments.”
(Source: Juniper Research)

IT consultants at Variance Infotech are endorsed by many reputed businesses for safe attachment of  payment gateways.
We indite secure code snippets to ensure that no sensitive information gets leaked and that customers debit cards/credit cards/net banking are fully protected.