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Tools(Technology) : Sage CRM

Client Profile

Company manufacture each individual collection of full-sized and miniature dishes, drinkware, barware, tableware and serving ware fills a specific niche in food presentation and provides every possibility for aesthetic celebration.Company uses Sage CRM since 2010.

Business Needs

Lead Management

  • Company looking to have concrete lead management facility so HOT leads can be attempted faster .
  • Real-time notification of the leads


  • When any new leads added to the Sage CRM respected assigned person will get the notification email.
  • When any new leads added to the Sage CRM and unassigned then notification email goes to info email.
  • When there is no activity on assigned leads in 5 days then notification goes to info email with information of the leads


  • First 2 requirement implemented using Workflow module of the Sage CRM
  • Third requirement to find leads with no activity in 5 days required Code level customization

Following steps we follow in order to fulfill the requirement in Sage CRM.

  • Team at Variance InfoTech analyze the requirement and decide to use Sage CRM web service with Classic ASP code.
  • Create Classic ASP page and use the web service to call all leads with no activity since last 5 days using comparing the modified date with current date.
  • Gather all leads and send a separate email user wise to the respected person of the company with specific leads information.


Technology Used

This software is a collective work consisting of the following major Open Source components:

Sage CRM 7.1

Classic ASP

Sage CRM Webservice

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