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Track and manage wages, labourers, work contracts anywhere – anytime

Description :
Manage Work Contracts with few simple steps easily. Get started with adding labourers and contract details. Get Overview or Detailed view of what is important to you.


  • Overview of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly wages paid for number of hours
  • Manage wages paid hourly or daily basis
  • Allocate labourers for work locations and work contracts date and time wise
  • Allocate Supervision for desired labourer
  • Single Click listing of Labourers and List of contracts
  • Minimalist Mobile View in addition to desktop view

Tell us what more features, reports you want, we are eager to hear from you

FrontEnd: PHP 5.4,Cake PHP Framework
BackEnd: MySQL
Project URL: http://buy1getfree.com/hourtracker
Username: demo
Password: demo