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Features :

1. Content management system :
Facility to Add, Update, Delete content from website admin section. Following pages will cover as part of the content management system.
1. About US
2. Services
3. Faqs
4. Contact US

2. Shopping Cart
Following facility will be provides as per the shopping cart in the website.
1. Facility to manage products Site will have the facility to Add,Update,Delete product Site will have the facility to add the product description from the admin Site will have the facility to add the discount and other information related to product
2. Facility to manage shipping agency and charges from admin
3. Facility to integrate shopping cart with third party payment gateway

3. Administration
1. Product management :
a. Add new product from administration
b. Manage product attributes
c. set related products
2. Product Feed :
1. Facility to link product from various sources provided by client
2. There will be specific structure to grab product form diff. website sources and set to our site.
3. User Management :
a. Facility to add New user to access the site
b. Facility to manage the customer who place the order from website
c. Facility to change user credential and lost password management.
4. Shipping management :

Tools: Prestashop
Front End: PHP,Javascript, Jquery,HTML,Ajax
Back End: MySQL
Project URL: http://visionhomesllc.com/