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OutSourcing Model

Project-based outsourcing is the best in your project requirements and deliverables are clearly defined. Project-based outsourcing provides for greater flexibility for resources with pricing being based on the project scope. Variance takes over control of the complete software development process, with progress being monitored against agreed upon benchmarks.

Typically, the client is only involved in defining requirements as well as reviewing the important mid way and final results. With this delivery model, Variance take responsibility for development risks, while the client retains full control over business process and outcomes…


Time and Material Model

This is the one of the model which propose because there might be some additional change made in the mid of the project that can result in the budget overrun and project delay.

“Time and Material” approach is the best when our client want to start development instantly but has not created a project requirements documentation…


Dedicated Team Model

Variance InfoTech offers you a dedicated team model.

A dedicated team consists of one or more project leader, business analysts, programmer, testers and designers. No matter on strength of people belong to this stack of experts, their work time is set exclusively for you…


Fix Price Model

Fixed price proposal for the project is offered when there is clear requirement specification from the client. Under this Low Risk Model we work with clients to well define expected delivery and timelines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price.

Once the clear goals identify, it is considered that during the developing of application it will give little scope for modifications or new changes.This means that Fixed Price Model being appropriate for short-term and medium level projects. Our senior engineers and business consultants have setup and perfected this model after years of service to small and mid-size companies who opted for our Fixed Price Model…


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