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React Native

React-Native is a cross-platform mobile framework that lets you build apps using only JavaScript. However, unlike other hybrid mobile technologies you are not building a “mobile Web App” (Web App wrapped in a native container). In the end, you get the real thing. Your JavaScript codebase is compiled to a mobile app indistinguishable from an iOS app built using Objective-C or an Android app using Java. This means that React-Native provides the benefits from both Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps.

Key Features of React Native

Fast Development Cycles

React Native comparatively offers the process of developing mobile application much faster. As the industry is aware that the development time shortens using open source components. Being an open source project, React Native offer a lot of components available for use.

Instant Live Updates

Developers find it convenient to develop the app with it as developers can push the updates to the user’s phone without following the app store update cycle. Hence, users can enjoy the updated versions of the app instantly.

Code Reusability

React is component based allow you to build web applications and native iOS/android apps by sharing the same code base.

Rich Eco-System

Explore React native's ecosystem, and learn backend, libraries, and databases that you can make a part of your next react native app.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

React Native was introduced in the industry for the iOS platform, but with time Facebook developed its support for Android as well. Its incredible capabilities and features allow developers to build both iOS and Android app through with one codebase.

Cross-Platform Support

React Native APIs are cross-platform which enables developers amazing tools to build truly native mobile apps for both iOS and Android by keeping a single code base.

Open Source

React is an open source framework which makes development cost efficient for React Native Development Company.

Fast Development

When React Native worked as intended, engineers were able to move at an unparalleled speed.

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