Client Profile

Company is the software consulting firm in UK. Company’s main focus on product development services mainly in Human resources industry. Company has many clients in different sector like Automotive, Retail, and Manufacturing etc.

Business Needs

  • Company wants to create multi client recruitment portal hosted on cloud. The main objective was to separate data from one client to another.
  • Each client has multiple agencies to fulfill client needs from submission of resumes of candidates to hiring of candidate.

The Solution

Variance Infotech proposed the solution of Online Recruitment portal specifically for UK industries. The system met all the requirements that were required to establish an online recruitment system.

Below is the some of the Features

  • Client Management
  • Agency Management (Agency link to client)
  • Contract management (Contract setup for Agency and Client)
  • Vacancy Management (Dynamically creation of vacancy based on custom form)
  • Job Management (Search Job, CV Submission)
  • Interview Management (Arrange interview, Shortlist candidate, Book candidate)
  • Candidate Management (Hire Candidate, Time sheet management)
  • Invoice (Generation of Invoice based on time sheet)
  • Cash Pot (Distribute the commission across agency and owner of recruitment portal)
  • Intuitive graph report

Technology Used

Front EndLanguages : ASP.NET with C#, Framework 3.5
Feature Used : ASP.NET Graph, sqldump to dynamically create client wise database.

Back End

Database : Postgre 9.1.1