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1. Speech Technology:

“Technology is gradually increasing in demand, humans are liable for carrying out”. Along with this vision Variance InfoTech had carried out Speech Technology Research & Development.

Nowadays, Website and Application has been globally used for various aspects of business and educational systems.

Our initial goal is to evolve Text To Speech (TTS) and Speech To Text (STT). TTS & STT are establishing for Indian onslaught, suchlike Indian English, Hindi, and, Gujarati.

   Research & API:

We have been investing for last 1.5 years in this sector. This profession is may out of the box profession, but, our team works for achieving this goal.

Our main aim is to evolve IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or Auto Reply Based System.

   Text To Speech/ Speech Synthesis Technology:

Our main aim is to evolve the Text To Speech for Indian languages. In TTS Engine, we wish to evolve earthy sound engine for Indian languages. Which can be used without internet too.

   Speech to Text/ Speech Recognition:

Nowadays,there are many applications accessible for speech recognition, suchlike, Siri, Cortana, Google API, and, IBM Watson etc..

   In Raspberry PI:

Raspberry PI is the foremost platform for R&D in speech technology. Our team is working for Raspberry PI as well. With the help of Raspberry PI, we are able to make embedded software suchlike, home automation system.

   Research Resources:

Our list of research corner:

  • CMU Sphinx
  • Voxforge (For Speech Data Base)
  • Kaldi
  • Microsoft ASR Engine etc.


We got occurrent in Speech To Text Desktop Application with commands and control in mainstream language.

We have already created Hindi language model,which works in offline mode and it’s accuracy level is appreciable (83%).

   Future Technology & Goals:

  • Our next goal is to improve the model and its accuracy level.
  • Our main focus is making this model to user friendly and user independent system.

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