RFID is a technology that provides wireless identity of people or assets.

A RFID tag connected to the object and that contain details about which object. The essential section of any RFID base systems are RF “tags”. A system that emit RF signals either at specific time periods (known as active RFID technology) or if they include near distance to an RFID reader (called passive RFID technology).

For active RFID solutions, the actual sensors are attached at normal time periods within a facility, blanketing the whole region in the “sensory network” that can get the location of a tag any place in the system. Once the tagged object moves with range of an RFID reader, the reader can pick up wireless signal in the tag and information are able to be transferred to computer system to get processing.

Then it is simple to track objects with a managed environment, which can be a warehouse, a hospital, a high-security making, or wherever important useful assets have to be tracked closely. A process is usually automatic by such as item particular information or instructions in the tag.

Variance Infotech expertise in RFID spans multiple industries With domain knowledge and technical expertise in manufacturing, pharmacy, transportation & based on our extensive client engagement in these industries.

Advantages of RFID

  • Greater visibility of facility.
  • Greater control over inventory and other system.
  • Better organization of assets and resources.
  • Better time management of mobile personnel and resources.
  • Best technology used in shopping mall,Law offices to find in a files.
  • Reduction in maintenance and record-keeping.
  • Automated record keeping increases accuracy and reduces paperwork.
  • Increased security.