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About Client

Nerd Network is an online skin membership programme where gets online skin consultations with Qualified skin professionals and receive advice and guidance when it comes to their skin when they need it.






Online Appointment Integration with Salesforce




How Variance helped?


Variance customized Salesforce CRM to create pre-consult and repeat consult visual force pages where customer can convey their skin problem and book the appointment for consultation. Also, workflow rules were defined for lead. nurturing and auto email reminders.


Variance implemented pre-consult visual force page to get the details related to customer and his/her skin problem. Contact is created on the basis of the form submission. Also, Variance fixed a generic problem related to authorization on form submission.


Variance implemented repeat -consult visual force page to get the details related to existing customer skin problem. Appointment for online consultation is booked. Also, Variance fixed a generic problem related to authorization on form submission.


Variance fixed issue on the pre-consult form for iOS devices.

Project Goals

  • Skin Nerd was looking to implement Salesforce for patient’s appointment booking with Online payment integration system. Company also, they were looking for implementing appointment reminders,auto email notification and workflow implementation etc..


  • SkinNerd was using legacy standalone software to manage appointment booking. Also, they were looking for lead nurturing capability in the system.



Nerd team become more productive as they were able to see the appointment in advance. Skin Nerd is now able to see drastic reduction in time for preparation of appointments and also able to witness the accuracy of forms irrespective of devices customer uses for booking appointment.


Skin Nerd now able to see generate more appointments with the help of improved visual force pages for the pre-consult and repeat consult forms.


Nerd team now can see the customers in the form of contacts and are able to run marketing campaigns and promote products Skin Nerd team able to make quick as they have data on their finger tip with the help of images and characteristics of the problem.

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