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Legal CRM can contribute to improved efficiency, client relationship management, and business development within the legal industry, helping law firms enhance their overall performance and competitiveness.


What Problem face by Today’s Legal Practice without Case management System

  • Disorganization: Legal cases involve a vast amount of information, documents, and correspondence.
  • Communication issues: Effective communication is vital in the legal profession.
  • Missed opportunities: An effective case management system can help law firms track potential clients and business opportunities.
  • Task management: Without proper system Law firms face problem in proper allocation of Task to team
  • Automate Time spending: Legal industry is a service industry so Automate time keeping or tracking time spent in various matters is a vital issue.

Traditional CRM scaled up for the Legal industry with following features…

  • Customer interaction management
  • Matter management
  • Time Tracking & Logging
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Reports & Analytics

Video overview

Salesforce for legal industry

Intake - Creation & Conversion

Practice Area - Tutorial

Matters - Form

Matters - Overview of Time keeping, Expense, Related Contact and Law Firm Rates

Matters - Documents & Activity

Invoice -Tutorial

Invoice - Paying an Invoice

Billing Center - Overview

Legal Software Features


Customer 360

Comprehensive Customer 360-degree view of a Legal CRM system with customer's interactions, transactions, and information across various touchpoints and channels with important features as,

  • Matters
  • Time Keeping
  • Activities
  • Expenses
  • Call logs
  • Documents
  • Contact
  • Invoice
  • Payment

Practice Area Management

The Practice Area in your Legal CRM serves as a central repository for organizing and categorizing attorney rates based on their respective practice areas. It allows for easy retrieval of rate information for attorneys, helping with rate selection and billing accuracy across the CRM

  • Attorney rate /PracticeArea

Matter Management

Within the Legal CRM, Matter Management streamlines the organization and tracking of legal cases or matters for law firms. It provides a structured platform for managing case details, progress, and important documents, ensuring efficient case management and client representation.

  • Information of Matters
  • Matter related contact
  • Time keeping
  • Call logs
  • Activities
  • Expenses
  • Invoice
  • Payment
  • Document
  • Law firm Rate Information

Invoice management

The Invoice feature in the Legal CRM enables law firms to efficiently create detailed invoices for their clients. It consolidates all billable items, including legal services and associated expenses, into a comprehensive invoice for transparent and accurate client billing.

  • Invoice Information
  • Invoice Payment
  • Generate Invoice (view,send and download as PDF)

Payment management

The Payment feature in the Legal CRM allows law firms to efficiently handle client billing and invoicing.

  • Payment History

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