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Salesforce CRM implementation for Jewellery Store

Our Client owns a Jewellery company that has stores in various locations across the UAE and India. This company was established in 1929. This company was a pioneer in establishing one of the first open-setting workshops in this part of the south in 2003.



Jewellery (Retail)



Salesforce CRM Implementation for Retail.



Dubai / India

Business Challenges image

Business Challenges

  • The Client runs multiple stores at multiple locations. The Client was looking for a system that could be a common data point to track sales from each location.
  • The Client had problems automating their sales operation and various notifications/alerts on every purchase of the product OR updating existing customers on new product launches or promotions.
  • UAE and India's jewellery markets are segregated into competitive, highly price-sensitive, and innovative. To market directly to their ideal customers and differentiate themselves from the competition, Shield needed a much clearer and data-backed understanding of them.
  • With a growing prominence in e-commerce and reaching new customers virtually, accurate insights into their customer's online behaviors, and preferences were particularly vital to the brand’s growth.

Customer’s Requirement

N Gopaldaas was looking to optimize the Salesforce CRM system to,

  • Pre-Sales: Organize customer information & their sales data.
  • Understand buying history & patterns.
  • Proactively identify opportunities and reach out 1:1 to the client.
  • Integrate Social Channels to understand customer interests and preferences.
  • Leads (ones who visited but did not buy) capture & follow up.
  • General Marketing campaigns through email, WhatsApp, and SMS.
  • Individually personalized & Demographic based campaigns.
  • Client Relationship Management through Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, etc.
  • Post-Sales: Enable consistency in customer touchpoints via process standardization.
  • Timely & Proactive updates on Customer Order status.
  • Bring all customer interactions & communications to one platform.

Our Solutions

Salesforce Automation img

Salesforce Automation

  • Implementation of LeadNurturing to send Auto followup to existing inquiries
  • Auto notification through email/SMS/WhatsApp for every sale / inquiry
  • Autoresponder based on the request from the customer
  • The festival offers notifications based on categorized jewellery project
Communication img

Seamless Communication

  • If more than one person interacts with the client then all the emails will be reflected in a single place.
  • The system will access and fetch all the email IDs and harmonize them based on the timestamp similar to the group chat view.
Promotions img


  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly promotion messages
  • Track the effectiveness of the promotion campaign
  • Generate more sales through Up Sales / Cross sales promotion
  • Effective email campaign / SMS drift campaign
Segregation img


  • client can separate their customers into different tiers, making it easy to search for a client’s details and engagement.
Internal Discussions img

Internal Discussions

  • There is a feature for internal discussion, where the team or the management can discuss internally, and take decisions on the matters of importance on the spot.
  • Priority task assigning and sharing important documents.
To-do img


  • The Manager can assign priority tasks to the team or individual salesperson so that management becomes easier.
 Schedule img


  • The user can even schedule a call with the client using this system. It can be seen by everyone. The perks of this feature are that the client and your sales personnel will receive a reminder right before the call.
Communication img


  • The communication is synced and managed using this platform. There is a seperate room for internal discussions as well as discussions with the client.

Salesforce / Integration Tools used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Customer portal
Integration Tools

Team Involvement

  • Jr. Salesforce Developer
  • Sr. Sf Developer
  • Salesforce Architect
Team Involvement

Screen Shots

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to implement Salesforce CRM for a Jewellery Store?

    Salesforce Implementation for a Jewellery Store refers to the process of setting up and customizing Salesforce CRM to meet the unique needs of a jewellery business. It helps jewellery retailers streamline operations, manage customer relationships, and enhance sales and marketing efforts through Salesforce's powerful tools and features.

  • How can Salesforce CRM benefit my Jewellery Store?

    Salesforce CRM offers numerous benefits for jewellery stores. It enables personalized customer engagement, targeted marketing campaigns, seamless store management across global locations, efficient sales and lead management, exceptional customer support, data-driven decision-making, and scalable solutions for future growth.

  • Is Salesforce Implementation suitable for my small jewellery business?

    Yes, Salesforce Implementation can be tailored to fit the needs and scale of your jewellery business. Whether you have a small boutique or multiple stores, Salesforce can be customized to match your requirements and budget, ensuring you benefit from its powerful features and flexibility.

  • How long does it take to implement Salesforce for a Jewellery Store?

    The timeframe for Salesforce Implementation varies depending on the complexity and scope of your jewellery store's requirements. Typically, it can take a few weeks to a few months, considering factors like data migration, customization, user training, and testing.

  • Is my customer data secure with Salesforce CRM?

    Absolutely, Salesforce prioritizes data security and compliance. Your customer data is protected with state-of-the-art security measures, and Salesforce follows industry standards to ensure your data is safe and handled responsibly.

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