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SPA CRM for SPA, Salon and Wellness lifestyle

  • A Web based CRM with POS integrated software to manage all types of Salon and SPA centers from small Salon shop to the chain of SPA and Salon centers.
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface System.
  • Feature rich with all features to manage complete Salon and SPA business
  • Increase profits and enhances efficiency
  • Dynamic Sales/Commission Aging report

Feature :

Point of Sale :

Customer Experience

  • Frontline staff operations
  • Personalized Interaction with Customers
  • POS/Tickets (Product & Service)
  • Checkout/Payment
  • Client Profile management
  • Leads (word-of-mouth, client recommendations)
  • Treatment Profile (make recommendations, IPL settings)
  • Appointment Scheduling/Resource Booking
  • Service Ratings (customer service, treatment service)

Referral/ Commission / Sales Management:


Sales Function :

  • Generate X-Report (real-time sales report)
  • Create Close-Day Report (Drawer Declare)
  • Declare and submit Close-Day Report and Drawer Declare to all branch managers
  • Pending/Recent Sales (Open Tickets)


Referral management :

  • Referral based commission calculation
  • Referral management report


Commission management :

  • Commission Types
  • Tired Commission Structure
  • Commission on Product, service and staff
  • Commission per Value and percentage

CRM Management:

CRM  Management-miniLeads-mini

CRM solution management

  • Products/Services management
  • Clients/Employees/Vendors management
  • Inventory/Accounting implementation
  • Promotion Management
  • Referral/Commission management
  • Marketing Content Management
  • Lead Management (from website, landing page, social media)
  • Social Media Marketing/Campaign Reports
  • Appointment & Scheduling

Reporting :


CRM solution management

  • Dynamic report for day/week/month sales
  • Store wise sales report for multi channel store
  • Personal/Service Commission report
  • Referral commission report

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