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Taxi App

Features for Users

Control your reservation - within your city or even outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Book and start the trip immediately or Make a reservation in advance.

Choose the right vehicle.

Determine your destination before starting journey.

Know the approximate fare of your trip when you select the destination.

View previous trips.

Invite friends with your promotional code.

Alerts sent to User by the Taxi App admin.

Select the language of the application - Arabic (RTL) or English (LTR).

Use chat with the driver in case you do not want to use telephone.

Share your trip for tracking with one of your relatives or friends

Watch and track the vehicle easily with Driver’s full data.

Communicate with the taxi company (App Admin) from within the application chat.

(Star) Rate Driver and add comments at the end of the Trip

Methods of payment Cash,You can fill the balance of the wallet and use at any time,Payment by credit cards,Pay by PayPal.

Admin Features

Super Admin dashboard with total number of Users, Drivers and Taxi companies widgets as shortcuts

Create and Manage Sub Admins under respective groups

View completed rides, failed rides and new unassigned rides

View Ride now bookings and Ride Later (Advanced booking) list

Manually despatch taxi to an unassigned booking

Look for Drivers on map

Filter online, offline,on ride drivers

Click on taxi icon on map to view driver’s name and phone number

List of Drivers and Users (Commuters/Riders)

Edit, delete, make active/inactive or reset password for Users

Approve and add drivers to active list

View drivers’ account for billed outstanding, unbilled and total outstanding amounts

Documents management for drivers documents like driving license

Configure invite friends incentive for Users

Graphical Reports for Drivers and Users.

Define Car type and relate it with Fare management

Manage different or additional peak time and night time ride rates

Add fare rules with applicable in city, currency, taxi company commission, base ride distance, base fare, price per unit, waiting charges, Free ride minutes, price per minute

Add promo codes with validity, usage limit, per user limit and based on flat rate or Percent

Manage cancel reasons list, website CMS for static pages like about, terms of service, Privacy Policy, Emergency Numbers, Ratings and Review lists.

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