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Microsoft Technology

Variance InfoTech have experience of Business Solutions, E-Commerce Website (B2B and B2C), M-Commerce Programs, ASP Website, Client Server business applications and application using MS .NET environment. .NET Framework breaks the restriction of a technologies, offering software architects, analysts and developers to utilize most functional and scalable techniques while in software development process and provide integrated solutions by using greatest amounts of production.

Open Source

PHP is a scripting language that’s popular for web development techniques to produce effective and dynamic websites. It’s a standard purpose programming language, and also code is actually analyzed and processed by an interpreter utility that performs command line execution from the source PHP code provided with a unique source file. There are lots of resources on the PHP environment, because it helps several kinds of web development, including graphical applications.

Mobile Technology

Variance InfoTech bursting with ideas, passion and talent for creating excellent iPhone applications. The explosive success of the iPhone has made it the must have Smartphone around the globe. There are lots of compelling reasons to develop an iPhone application for your business and multiple different models of generating revenue from it. At Variance InfoTech, we approach iPhone application development in a systematic and organized way.

CMS Development

Variance Infotech is specializes in content technologies including Content Management Systems (CMS).


Variance Infotech is specializes in E-commerce development as per client business requirement.

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