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CRM Integration with ViciDial using Single sign-on

Variance believe in making things easy to save time and increase productivity. With ViciDial connector with various opensource and Hosted CRM help sales team,call-center agents to manage all calling activities from one screen.

Advantages of ViciDial Integration with CRM

  • Single Sign-on
  • Auto redirection of CRM Contact screen based on incoming phone number

Review the view of Integration here :


Data Synchronization

Sync. ViciDial Campaign with CRM Campaign

Sync. ViciDial List with CRM List

Sync. Disposition of ViciDial with CRM Lead/Contact Status

Sync. ViciDial contacts with CRM Lead/contacts

Call & Logging features

Click to Call from CRM

Call Recording with all details

Dialing features

Auto Dial from vicidial reflect to CRM. means it will automatically redirect to screen in CRM based on dialled number

Transfer Call to another agent from same screen

Pause Ongoing call

Predictive dialing from ViciDial

Power dialing from ViciDial

Supported(Compatible) version of CRM

ViciDial Integration with CRM support following CRM flavours

  • vTiger Community
  • SugarCRM community
  • SuiteCRM community
  • SalesForce
  • Dynamics CRM
  • X2CRM
  • Sales force
  • Odoo
  • Agile
  • PipeDrive
  • Zoho
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Other popular CRM software

Watch the Video of our integration with one of instance of vTiger CRM

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