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Vtiger Modules

  1. vTiger customization
  2. vTiger module development
  3. vTiger web services
  4. vTiger module integration
  5. vTiger third party eCommerce & CMS integration
  6. vTiger customer portal
  7. vTiger LMS development
  8. vTiger support and maintenance

Vtiger Features

    1. Sales force automation
    2. Customer support & service
    3. Marketing automation
    4. Inventory management
    5. Activity management
    6. Security management
    7. Calendaring
    8. E-mail integration

vTiger CRM Customization

vTiger CRM is definitely an open source CRM software, used largely by medium and small-sized companies. vTiger CRM may be used to manage your organization wide CRM and Inventory Management activities, for example sales force automation, customer care & service, marketing automation, procurement & fulfillment effectively. With this experience, Variance infotech team masterfully simplifies vTiger CRM so that it will in compliance with all the demands and procedures of the company.

Vtiger Portfolio

Client Testimonial

Our vTiger Mobile Product

Its our pleasure to announce mobile website product which is customized from vTiger mobile website.

Our aim is to give highest level of satisfaction to our clients and with vTiger we provide them with an in-house CRM to manage the business in productive manner.

How can vTiger CRM development helped your business?

vTiger CRM easily drives sales results by controlling customer’s profile, account, contact, and recognizing opportunity in prospective customers.

vTiger CRM streamlines organization interaction along with customers to improve sales and improve customer’s service.

vTiger CRM gives you awesome lead management features that give ownership and fluently deals with sales pipeline.

vTiger CRM streamlines profits engine and hence grows your organization.

vTiger monitors product and particular price book. It creates quote, sales order, and invoice, managing the all round sales producing and achievement.

vTiger CRM keeps track of customer’s service levels and ensures follow-ups. vTiger customization gives customers self-service portal.

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