Client Profile

WICE is one of the leading firms of the education, which provide education for the countries all over the world. The main purpose of WICE is International Culture Exchange between countries all over the world. WICE is the great platform to exchange culture as well as get the quality education from the well known organization.

Case Study Video

Business Needs

  • Our client wants Email customization in such a way that they will get the maximum business with the use of email only.
  • Also want some auto generated email template, so it will save the precious time to write each and individual inquiry.
  • Required attachment option in the email.

Suggestions by Variance VTiger Team

  • As per our client’s requirement our team of VTiger had customize the Email Templates, Workflow, and Mail Converter.
  • They set the rule in email body in such a way that, on basis of some key words set in rules, and the lead will be automatically generated on the basis of Email only.
  • Our team had also customized the Email Template in such a way that as per the subject line there will be an inbuilt template, and can attached maximum 10 attachments in the Email.

Below are the print screens of the Solution provided by Variance VTiger Team:

  • Customization of the Email templates.
  • This Email Templates will be used in all the departments.
  • Added the New Feature called “Attachment” in Email Templates. The user can attached maximum up to 10 attachments with email.

  • Customization of the Emails in the Work flow.
  • Added the new feature called “Templates Name”, which is very helpful and user friendly. User can select the template as per the requirement and attachment of that template will automatically add in the email by selecting template only.

  • Customization of the Mail Converter.
  • Added the New Feature in Mail Converter called Mail Converter Rule Information. In this our team had set the new rules called “Create Leads” in such a way that, on the basis of some key words set in rule, the Lead will automatically generated.
  • With the help of this New Feature User can set his/her own Email Address. If user receives the new Email in his/her Inbox, system will automatically read the email and basis on the rule set, the Lead will automatically generate.



This software is a collective work consisting of following major Open Source components
  • Customization of Organization, Contact and Opportunity.
  • Creation of Custom Module called “Work out to factory”. This module will used when sales department unable to provide cost of any machine inquiry. So the sales person forward inquiry to factory staff.
  • Convert Leads to Organization and Workout to factory.
  • Customization of Opportunities with same fields as Leads and “work out to factory”.