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YII Framework

Yii is an open source, object-oriented, component-based MVC PHP web application framework. it can be called as ``Yes It Is!``. Yii provides secure and professional features to create robust projects rapidly.It also has a code generation tool called Gii that includes the full CRUD(Create-Read-Update-Delete) interface maker.


Yii implements the MVC architectural pattern.
It provides features for both relational and NoSQL databases.
Yii never over-designs things.
It is extremely extensible.
Yii provides multi-tier caching support.
Yii provides RESTful API development support.
It has high performance.

For development purpose, we will use

Linux Mint 17.1
PHP 5.5.9
PHP built-in web server

Advantage of Yii

Easy to Install

Facilitates Testing

Better Performance

Uses Modern Technologies

Highly secure

Error Handling

Highly Extensible

Less development time

Why Variance ?

5000+ Hours
Dedicated support
0-6 Hours Response Time
15+ YII Framework Expert
Free POC
OnTime Delivery

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