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  • The biggest pain point general practitioners have is to track the referral they sent to specialists. Dental offices spend hours and hours on sending referral, patient information, patient insurance detail, patient medical history to a specialist. This does not end here, GP have to take follow up about referrals.
  • Second pain point is related to patients,they have to fill the same long patient forms at multiple places (one at general practice and second at specialist clinic). The process is non-productive for clinics and patients.
  • Third pain point is, each practitioner and specialist uses different Patient Management Systems (PMS) to manage patient data. When sending a patient to a specialist who is not using the same PMS as a general practitioner, dental staff has to do a lot of paperwork.
  • Fourth pain point is to track revenue. Specialists usually receive referrals from multiple general practitioners and it’s important for them to track and find which practitioner is generating most revenue and referrals.


  • A web-based software is built for general dentists to immediately send referrals to Oral surgeons, Periodontists, Endodontists, Prosthodontists, Orthodontists and Dental labs. An innovative professional network for the dental industry where general dentists and specialists exchange referrals & patients.
  • General practitioners can find specialists which are near to a patient's home/office which increases appointments by 60%. When sending a referral dentists can decide what information and documents related to the patients are visible to the referral receiver. When the patient visits a clinic, he/she doesn’t have to fill the form as information is already transferred by the referee.
  • Unique stand alone solution is developed to transfer the data from Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, EagleSoft and other PMS to cloud the database. This centralized database helps dental clinics to view, track and analyze referral details at one central place.
  • Dentists can view referral reports, completed procedures and revenue generated by each referral.
  • Dental marketing agencies usually work with Salesforce, GoHighLevel, Hubspot or any other CRM Software to manage their operation. We developed few microservices which provides following integration
    • Dentrix to GoHighLevel Integration
    • Dentrix Enterprise to GoHighLevel Integration
    • OpenDental to GoHighLevel Integration
    • EagleSoft to GoHighLevel Integration
    • Dentrix to Salesforce Integration
    • Dentrix Enterprise to Salesforce Integration
    • OpenDental to Salesforce Integration
    • EagleSoft to Salesforce Integration
    • Dentrix to Hubspot Integration
    • Dentrix Enterprise to Hubspot Integration
    • OpenDental to Hubspot Integration
    • EagleSoft to Hubspot Integration
  • Special USB based hardware is developed and distributed to dental clinics, which opens and autologins dental staff to referral networks.
  • Notifications and Reminders are sent for various events. We have used an event driven Pub-Sub pattern to publish all notifications and reminders. Madril and Twilio are integrated to send notifications and voice messages. Microservices are subscribers to relevant publishers and send SMS & Voice Messages using Twilio. Emails are sent using Mandril.

Screen Shots

Technology we used

Client’s existing application was developed using ASP.NET Web Forms with JQuery. A tightly coupled legacy system was redesigned with the latest technology and distributed architecture. Core logic is redesigned in .NET Core Web API as backend and AngularJs as front end. Non core logic like data processing, notifications & reminders are developed as micro services using AWS Lambda, SNS and SQS.



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    Agile Methodology

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    3 Weeks Sprints

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    Bitbucket as source code repository

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    CI/CD using Jenkins

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    Invision for mockup design


  • Integrate with any practice management system to auto-populate data.
  • Exchange large files and patient information with full HIPAA compliance.
  • Providean enhanced patient experience that builds trust.
  • Increase your treatment acceptance rates significantly.
  • Instant notifications to Patients and Dentists.

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I have been very impressed with the work Variance Infotech Pvt Ltd has done for us – on a number of levels.Testing the system has been much easier as the quality of their code has been so good that there is much less de-bugging than normal.

Travis Roger

CEO, Recordlinc

Our Projects

  • Dental Analytics & Reporting

  • .NET Core custom eCommerce Solution

  • Microsoft Dotnet Development Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get in touch with the Variance Infotech team?

    A DRMS enhances the efficiency of the referral process, reducing administrative workload, minimising errors, and improving communication between dental practitioners. It ensures a smoother workflow for referring patients to specialists or other dental care providers.

  • What are the key benefits of implementing a Dental Referral Management System?

    The benefits include improved communication, reduced paperwork, enhanced tracking of referral progress, minimised errors, quicker access to patient information, and overall increased efficiency in managing the referral process within a dental practice.

  • Can a Dental Referral Management System support multi-location dental practices?

    Yes, many DRMS solutions are designed to support multi-location dental practices. They provide a centralised platform for managing referrals across different locations, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the referral process.

  • How can I get in touch with the Variance Infotech team?

    You can contact the Variance Infotech team through the following methods: Email: Reach out to them via email at Whatsapp: - Contact Form: Fill out the contact form for more

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