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As K12-Clay Treasure is a hard work of students across the cities over the years, to maintain the huge data of individual art in modern times was a tough job.
Analysis on Scope of Work :
  • Implementation of virtual exhibition event platform
  • Integrate e-Commerce
  • Maintain the current and past artwork data including the winners of previous years with necessary details given data sorting
  • Manage Event announcements & Calendar for visitors, event registration & participation
  • Participants signups & account management
  • Database management of users
  • Event results and artwork portfolio management


  • Variance Infotech developed a dynamic record management website that allows clients to offer their exhibition visitors a pleasant experience while virtual events.

Screen Shots

Admin for Event Management

An admin management for clients to manage exhibition participation, student-teacher-school logins, entries, and more as following:


User Management

Allows Admin/Teachers/Schools rights to manage Exhibition participation entries through teachers/schools, Edit profiles & manual entries.


Event Management

Allows Admin to create/ manage/ remove upcoming/ past events with respect to the details, dates, event status, event entries and locations.


Email Automation

Allows to compose dynamic/static email formats to be used for email communications to reduce manual efforts.



To manage/add donors, donations & invoices management received during exhibitions.


Exhibition Management

The summary of each upcoming exhibition includes details such as, number of participants in exhibition, Type & count of artwork shipping for exhibition during virtual event.



Artwork data of previous exhibition’s participants, artworks, details of students/teachers/schools along with the exhibition results.



Records of presentable awards from trust, fundraisers or organizations to the students, count of awards, award accounting and exhibition award management.

Technology we used


For Website Visitors

  • Virtual tour for online ceramic art exhibitions.
  • Shop from Exhibition.
  • Access to archives.
  • User Logins
    • Teachers/Schools can register to represent the students for exhibition participation.
    • Allows Teachers to Submit Entry Fees, Submit Work, Manage Work, print and pay invoices and manage your account information.

Customer's Words

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I have been very impressed with the work Variance Infotech Pvt Ltd has done for us – on a number of levels.Testing the system has been much easier as the quality of their code has been so good that there is much less de-bugging than normal.

Travis Roger

CEO, Recordlinc

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  • Dental Analytics & Reporting

  • .NET Core custom eCommerce Solution

  • Microsoft Dotnet Development Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the primary focus of the Event Management Platform developed by Variance Infotech?

    The Event Management Platform developed by Variance Infotech is designed to provide a dynamic and immersive experience for virtual events. It encompasses features such as e-commerce integration, event announcements, a calendar for visitors, event registration, and participation tracking.

  • What specific functionalities does the platform offer for virtual exhibition events?

    The platform offers functionalities tailored for virtual exhibition events, ensuring a pleasant experience for visitors. It includes features for event announcements, a user-friendly calendar, event registration capabilities, and tools for managing participation in virtual exhibitions.

  • How does the platform integrate e-Commerce for virtual events?

    The platform seamlessly integrates e-Commerce capabilities, allowing exhibitors to showcase and sell their products or services during virtual events. This enhances the overall engagement and monetization opportunities for both event organisers and exhibitors.

  • What features are available for managing event results and artwork portfolios?

    The platform provides tools for efficient management of event results, including analytics and reporting. Additionally, it offers functionality for creating and maintaining artwork portfolios, showcasing the creative contributions of participants in virtual exhibitions.

  • How does the platform contribute to a pleasant experience for exhibition visitors?

    Variance Infotech's dynamic record management website ensures that exhibition visitors have a pleasant and engaging experience during virtual events. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, providing easy access to event information, registration processes, and participation features.

  • What was the objective behind developing the Event Management Platform?

    The primary objective of developing the Event Management Platform was to enable clients to host virtual events with ease and offer a dynamic experience to their exhibition visitors. The platform aims to enhance engagement, streamline event management, and provide valuable tools for both organisers and participants.

  • How does Variance Infotech ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of the platform?

    Variance Infotech is committed to the ongoing success of the Event Management Platform by providing comprehensive maintenance and support services. This includes regular updates, monitoring for performance optimization, and responsive assistance to address any issues, ensuring the platform's continued reliability.

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