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  • Our Team developed a dynamic platform that holds all the information, Researches, Case studies, Types of MRI scans, available scan resources at hospitals.
  • The platform includes a section for the existing patients of the scanner center to request their MRI scan reports from the hospital.
  • A detailed information for available MRIs and FAQs for patients to read before an appointment.
  • Referral forms for referring patients or hospitals.
  • Option to Donate for Donors.
  • Event management section to update the latest updates.

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Technology we used

Umbraco V7.5, .NET, C#, MVC5, Web API, Anguler, HTML5, Bootstrap, SQL Server Reporting Service


Customer's Words

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I have been very impressed with the work Variance Infotech Pvt Ltd has done for us – on a number of levels.Testing the system has been much easier as the quality of their code has been so good that there is much less de-bugging than normal.

Travis Roger

CEO, Recordlinc

Our Projects

  • Dental Analytics & Reporting

  • .NET Core custom eCommerce Solution

  • Microsoft Dotnet Development Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose a .NET Core solution for developing an MRI Scan Center website?

    .NET Core provides a robust and scalable framework for web development. Its cross-platform compatibility, high performance, and security features make it an ideal choice for building a sophisticated and efficient website for an MRI Scan Center.

  • What specific features can be implemented for an MRI Scan Center website developed with .NET Core?

    The website can include features such as appointment scheduling, patient information management, secure access to scan results, educational resources about MRI procedures, and interactive tools for patients to prepare for their scans.

  • Is it possible to integrate a patient portal for accessing MRI scan results securely?

    Yes, the website can include a secure patient portal where individuals can log in to access their MRI scan results, view reports, and receive relevant medical information. This ensures confidentiality and convenient access to personal health data.

  • Can the MRI Scan Center website be customised to match the centre's branding and design preferences?

    Yes, the website can be customised to align with the branding, colour schemes, and design preferences of the MRI Scan Center. Custom themes and graphics can be incorporated to create a consistent and branded online presence.

  • Is ongoing support and maintenance provided for the MRI Scan Center website?

    Yes, ongoing support and maintenance services are available to address any issues, perform updates, and ensure the website remains secure and up-to-date. This ensures a reliable and continuously optimised online platform for the MRI Scan Center.

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