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Salesforce VICIDIAL Integration

Salesforce-Vicidial integration is a powerful solution that combines the capabilities of Salesforce CRM with the features of the Vicidial call center platform.

  • Seamless Data Synchronization
  • Click-to-Call Functionality
  • Screen Pop-ups
  • Call recording
  • Customized Call Scripts

Vicidial with Salesforce can significantly enhance the efficiency of your sales and customer service operations

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Integrating Vicidial with Salesforce can offer several benefits for businesses, especially those that rely on sales and customer relationship management. Here are some of the key advantages of such an integration


Streamlined Data Flow

Integration between Vicidial (a call center solution) and Salesforce (a CRM system) allows for seamless data synchronization. This means that customer information, call records, and other relevant data can flow effortlessly between the two systems. Agents don't have to manually enter data into Salesforce after each call, saving time and reducing errors.


Improved Productivity

With Vicidial and Salesforce integration, sales and support teams can access customer records and call history directly from Salesforce. This helps agents to be better prepared for calls, making interactions more efficient and personalized. It can also reduce the need for duplicate data entry.


Enhanced Customer Experience

By having a complete view of each customer's history and preferences, agents can provide more personalized and effective service. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Better Reporting and Analytics: Integration allows for the consolidation of call data and CRM data, making it easier to generate comprehensive reports and analytics. Managers can gain valuable insights into call center performance, agent productivity, and customer behavior.



Integration can automate various processes, such as assigning leads to specific agents, triggering follow-up tasks, and sending automated emails based on call outcomes. This reduces the manual workload and ensures that leads are promptly followed up on.

Simplify the Click to Call Experience

  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales
  • Improve customer service operations
  • Initiate calls directly from within Salesforce
  • Eliminates the need to manually dial phone numbers
  • Operate Click to call from any screen of Salesforce

Intuitive Incoming Call Popup

  • Fetch and display relevant information
  • Customized Popup information
  • Easy action item (Leads/Manage ticket etc..)
  • Automatic Case Creation
  • Easy and customized popup

Call Logging Experience

  • Enhance the security of logging calls.
  • Access call recording from within Salesforce.
  • Automate Call logging on every incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Intuitive call recording experience.

VICIDIAL Integration support for Mobile Apps

  • Easily integrate PBX functionality into mobile applications.
  • Incoming Calls and Outgoing Calls Pop-Up with Caller Information.
  • Track communication in the call details list view.
  • Clearly display your contact information.
  • Enable real-time access to call logs on mobile devices for tracking communication history.
“ Our experience with the Salesforce-Vicidial integration has been nothing short of transformative for our business. Before implementing this integration, we were struggling to manage our customer interactions efficiently. Our sales and support teams were working in silos, and we were missing out on valuable opportunities ”

–Ophir, Netvill Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I integrate Vicidial with Salesforce?

    Integration offers several benefits, including improved data accuracy, streamlined workflows, enhanced productivity, better customer service, and comprehensive reporting, ultimately leading to better sales and customer relationship management.

  • How does Vicidial integrate with Salesforce?

    Integration between Vicidial and Salesforce typically involves using API (Application Programming Interface) connections to facilitate data transfer and synchronization between the two systems. Various integration tools and services are available to help set up and configure this connection.

  • What does it include in integration ?

    We offer 3 main things in integration. Click to Call, Call recording and Inbound popup.

  • Can I automate lead creation in Salesforce based on Vicidial calls?

    Yes, one of the advantages of integration is the ability to automate lead creation or updates in Salesforce based on call outcomes in Vicidial. This ensures that potential opportunities are captured and managed efficiently.

  • Is real-time data synchronization possible?

    Real-time data synchronization is possible with some integration solutions, while others may offer near-real-time updates. The level of real-time synchronization often depends on the capabilities of the integration tools and the API connections used.

  • How can integration benefit my sales and customer service teams?

    Integration can benefit your teams by providing them with access to up-to-date customer information, call history, and notes directly within Salesforce. This empowers agents to provide more personalized and efficient service, leading to improved customer satisfaction and sales performance.

  • What are the costs associated with Vicidial Salesforce Integration?

    The costs can vary depending on the integration solution you choose, any customization required, and ongoing maintenance. Be sure to consider both initial setup costs and any subscription fees for integration services or tools.

  • Is integration secure and compliant with data privacy regulations?

    Security and compliance should be a top priority when integrating systems. Ensure that the integration process adheres to data privacy regulations, and use secure connections and authentication methods to protect sensitive customer data.

  • Can I scale the integration as my business grows?

    Yes, the integration can be scaled to accommodate a growing number of agents, customers, and data. Ensure that your integration solution is flexible enough to handle future expansion.

  • What support and resources are available for Vicidial Salesforce Integration?

    Integration service providers and software vendors often offer technical support, documentation, and resources to assist with the integration process. Additionally, online forums and communities can be valuable sources of information and assistance.

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