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  • The biggest pain point is the system was created many years ago with a solution that was best suited for that duration in business scenarios. Although, the solution was solid and had many implemented features, it is evergreen. But, it does not have many features that are required in the current situation of the CRM trends and expectations.
  • Going into the details of specific requirement is as follows (following is a list of some of the big challenges and not an extensive list).
  • The first requirement is to implement the creation of automation/workflow by using drag-and-drop visual block such as boxes, connectors, diamonds, and so on. The existing solution supports the automation/workflow but lacks the support of this drag-and-drop functionality as well as features related to email tracking e.g. email is opened, link within the email is clicked, email is not open with a defined duration, and so on.
  • The second requirement is to implement a form link with an email and when the end-user opens the form by clicking it, save the complete user experience and trace the user navigation such as when the form is opened, answer the first question, answer the second question, and track the number of end-users who have filled out the form.
  • The third requirement is to support the referral mechanism to easily add new referrals against existing records in the application for easy search and reporting with the real-time data.
  • The Fourth requirement is quite unique in terms of end user experience. They want a reduced version of an existing application with support for only a few important features at a lower price. The solution should be a responsive, mobile app, with user tracking, and GPS support.


  • The Solution to the above problems span over different modules and applications while maintaining backward compatibility, the same user experience and customizable support for these new features. A Solution was implemented into the existing application for the first three requirements and for the last requirement, was created a new application - web and mobile with required unique features.
  • Drag-and-drop support is added as a thin layer on top of the existing solution while maintaining the backward compatibility of the manual automation/workflow. The solution was crafted primarily on the front-end side (with JavaScript, jQuery, and custom CSS) as a module decoupled from the application at a very high level.
  • The solution to the second requirement was implemented on the .Net side to support big and complex calculations against thousands of email form submissions with ease to display the data in tables, charts, and in summary. This includes an interesting approach to connecting ASP with .Net API.
  • The solution to the third requirement was implemented by extending the existing application and functionality with great care ensuring tight integration with existing pages and not cause and regression in complex scenarios. The tables on the back-end side were specifically created with reporting functionality to visually see referral relationships in a simple graspable view.
  • As mentioned, the fourth requirement was quite unique in terms of how it'd support the business need and end-user interaction. The initial solution was within an existing application and then we tore it down as a separate application to decrease the amount of not-so-related code base. The required pages and functionality are re-implemented from scratch on the front-end side to make it look nicer, responsive, and support the mobile screen when opened within a mobile application. Great care is taken to not change a single small functionality on the back-end to introduce incompatibility between the existing and this new application.

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Technology we used

The Client’s existing application is developed using ASP Classic, MS SQL Server, and the old version of jQuery. We enhance the application with Hangfire for some of the automation, .Net APIs for reporting, and Bootstrap on the front-end side. Apart from this, we moved the static storage capabilities from the server's folder location to Microsoft Azure with the migration.



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    Agile Methodology

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    1 Week Sprints

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    Bitbucket as source code repository

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    CI/CD using BuildMaster


  • Smaller, responsive, and mobile friendly solution to the existing application at a lower price.
  • Visualize a tool to build the workflow/automation for campaigns.
  • Feedback form creation and lead generation support with reporting.

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I have been very impressed with the work Variance Infotech Pvt Ltd has done for us – on a number of levels.Testing the system has been much easier as the quality of their code has been so good that there is much less de-bugging than normal.

Travis Roger

CEO, Recordlinc

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose ASP.NET for developing an Enterprise CRM system?

    ASP.NET, a framework by Microsoft, provides a robust and scalable foundation for building enterprise-level applications. Its integration with the .NET ecosystem, security features, and support for modern web development make it an ideal choice for developing feature-rich CRM systems.

  • Is it possible to customise the features of an ASP.NET CRM to match specific business needs?

    Yes, ASP.NET allows for extensive customization. Businesses can tailor the CRM system to meet specific requirements, including custom fields, workflows, and reporting features. This ensures that the CRM aligns with the unique processes of the enterprise.

  • Is the CRM adaptable to different business sectors?

    Yes, the CRM is adaptable to all business sectors, offering flexibility to address the unique needs of various industries. Its customizable nature allows businesses to tailor the system to their specific requirements, ensuring relevance and effectiveness across diverse sectors.

  • How does the CRM support customization for businesses?

    The CRM is designed to be customizable, allowing businesses to enable and use the features they need at present. Additionally, businesses can add more features as necessary in the future. This flexibility ensures that the CRM evolves with the changing needs of the business, all at an affordable cost.

  • How does an ASP.NET CRM system support mobile access for on-the-go users?

    ASP.NET allows for the development of responsive and mobile-friendly CRM interfaces. Users can access the CRM system from various devices, ensuring that sales, marketing, and support teams can stay connected and productive while on the move.

  • Can an Enterprise CRM system built with ASP.NET be easily upgraded to accommodate future business needs?

    Yes, ASP.NET's modular architecture allows for easy scalability and future upgrades. Businesses can extend functionality, add new features, and adapt the CRM system to evolving business requirements without major disruptions.

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