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  • The client started an application with the Magento eCommerce platform. As time passed the client base grew exponentially and as the customization and unique needs of different industries. With every new customization the client had to change the core framework of Magento and hence the change was time consuming and complex.
  • The initial product continued to grow and scalability became the biggest challenge.
  • Adding different workflows for different clients and their subclients is complex and needs change at multiple places in the core framework which is OpenSource.
  • Adding desired health monitoring and reports is a big advantage however there were only a few plug and play options supported, and the client needed granular details which was not possible.


  • Our team had multiple calls with the client's technical team to discuss various technologies and platforms suitable for building new solutions. Both teams agreed to go with Dotnet Core as base technology and build applications and microservices around Dotnet Core.
  • We decided to use GraphQL instead of conventional REST APIs to get more control over data retrieval based on the requests. Instead of returning all fields in response GraphQL helps to send only fields requested by the calling application.
  • Created an eCommerce platform with various storefronts. Each storefront defines a specific region and country, based on the multilingual solution provided.
  • To increase performance and reduce database load, we implemented Redis for centralized caching mechanisms across multiple load balancing servers. Create various iHosted services that refresh the cache after a specific period, send data to the underlying services (like Eloqua, SalesForce, DemandBase, etc)
  • Created a promo engine to provide end users with various offers based on preset criteria defined in the system.
  • Used inhouse logging tool that provides support for Kusto queries to retrieve complex data from the logs.
  • As a part of application health, we implemented API throttling to restrict API usage based on the user’s IP address and limit his/ her to over hitting the application.
  • Implemented an inhouse subscriber, publisher messaging service which helps process the data in the background.
  • Create alerts in the system, when some critical exception is thrown, when some unusual activities are performed, send email notifications to the concerned persons.
  • Implemented PagerDuty, which sends the alerts of the Logging tool via notification to the mobile devices of the concerned persons.
  • Create unit test case project with the help of xUnit. It helps to quickly test the system.

Screen Shots

Technology we used

Core logic is designed in the .NET Core Web API as the backend and ReactJs as the front end. Non core logic like workflows, data processing & reminders is developed as an iHostedService & inhouse messaging queue.

Deployment is done via Jenkins along with the inhouse tool that helps to create builds and deploy them to load balanced multiple servers in staging and production.

Used GitHub as code repository. Always create a new branch for each new feature and later merge it development / master branch via PR. reviewed by at least 4 persons.

Using JIRA as a software development tool. It helps us to manage the Agile scrum methodology.



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    Agile Methodology

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    2 Weeks Sprints

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    GitHub as source code repository

  • img

    CI/CD using Jenkins

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    Figma for mockup design


  • The Ecommerce platform is developed in the .net Core to make it more secure and prevent common vulnerabilities of open source. The Application provides different subscription plans based on different countries / regions.
  • Localization & Globalization help users use the application in their local language as well as their own culture.
  • Inside the Promo engine, admin can define various conditions, based on those conditions he can provide various offers to customers based on their activity, which helps prevent customers from stepping away.
  • Integrated payment gateway to process Credit card, Direct Debit, BACS, BECS, SEPA based on storefronts to provide flexible payment options.

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I have been very impressed with the work Variance Infotech Pvt Ltd has done for us – on a number of levels.Testing the system has been much easier as the quality of their code has been so good that there is much less de-bugging than normal.

Travis Roger

CEO, Recordlinc

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