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Salesforce Consulting for Media Group

The biggest media company from UAE focused on developing a platform for customers to book various products such as events, talents, and magazines. The Company’s wider publishing expertise includes award-winning print and digital titles such as Emirates Woman and Gulf Business. As well as books and magazines, The Company also produces content across other platforms including video, digital media, cinema, events, social media, influencer marketing and out of home.

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Business Challenges

  • Customers are looking to streamline their Lead generation to Booking flow through various business rules. The Company has more than 10 subsidiary companies that are required to manage all their sales and order flow from a single source of truth.
  • Another major challenge was addressing immediate issues faced by customers, particularly those related to converting their quotations into orders and resolving problems at various approval levels.
  • Mistake Found: The Customer discovered a significant issue in the operation flow.
  • For all the above problems the company is looking for experienced Salesforce Partners to mitigate their key issues.


  • To tackle various challenges faced by the media group, the Variance team closely collaborated with the customer to gain a comprehensive understanding of their requirements. Based on requirements Variance Team created a detailed execution plan with an implementation flow.



Response Rate

By building powerful apps on Salesforce, The Media company is helping its Sales, Marketing and Operations teams be more productive. And by automating sales and service, The Company is responding faster to customer needs.

G. Chauhan | Head of Media Company

Our Salesforce Implementation support

Inventory Management

Automate The Job scheduler to book Inventory

The primary goal of an automated job scheduler for inventory booking in Salesforce is to efficiently manage and automate the process of reserving and updating inventory quantities for sales transactions.

  • Real-time Updates
  • Integration with Sales Transactions
  • Batch Processing
  • Inventory Reservation

Order management

Implementation of Salesforce's order management for processing and managing customer orders.

  • Quoting and Pricing
  • Order Tracking
  • Data Integrity

Quote implementation with Template to send as a PDF to The customer

Create customizable templates for quotes that reflect your brand identity, including your logo, colors, fonts, and formatting.

  • Template Customization
  • Merge fields
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Template Personalization
  • Preview and Editing

Product Search Option

Provide users with the ability to apply advanced search filters to narrow down results based on specific attributes such as product category, price range, availability, and more

  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Search Categories
  • Keyword Search

Product Validation management

Ensure that product data entered into the inventory system is accurate, consistent, and follows predefined standards to maintain data integrity.

  • Validation Rules
  • Mandatory fields
  • Format Checks
  • Conditional Validation

Product limit management in Inventory

Set threshold limits for each product to define minimum and maximum inventory levels that trigger alerts or actions as

  • Inventory Thresholds
  • Product quantity adjustment
  • # of Product restrictions

"Salesforce helps us see daily sales and marketing activities with a single click."

Management Team

Media Group

Salesforce Tools and components

  • Tools : Sales Cloud, Visual Force Pages
  • Components : Aura , LWC

Team Involvement

  • Jr. Salesforce Developer
  • Sr. SF Developer
  • Salesforce Architect

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