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SuiteCRM Extension-Round Robin Assignment

The Round Robin Assignment extension allows you to equally distribute new lead and prospect records in SuiteCRM without having to manually assign them to your sales team so new leads can be automatically distributed in a rotational manner that’s equal for members of your sales team.



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Round Robin Assignment


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Round Robin Assignment

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Automatically Applicable
Automatically Applicable
Automatically applies Round Robin Assignment Policy rules based on predefined conditions.
Distribute Module
Distribute Module
Allows to equal distribution of module records without having to manually assign them to users using a rotation.
Allows to Record Field
Record Field
Allows to Record field updates once the Round Robin policy applies.
Applies to All Users
User Policy
Round Robin Assignment Policies apply to all users and groups.
Applies to Online / Offline Users
Online and offline Users
Auto-assignment applies to online and offline users.

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Current Round Robin Assignment Version 1.0
Last Update 19th December, 2019
Support SuiteCRM Version 7.0.* and above
Database Support MySQL, MSSQL
Compatible Browser IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
Supported Language English (United States), German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian

"" to "" will work on SuiteCRM versions 7.0.* to 7.11.*

- Add the License Update option in the Listview of Round Robin Assignments.

"" to "" will work on SuiteCRM versions 7.0.* to 7.11.*

- Allow the User to set any type of condition to retrieve records from modules using AND/OR operator.

- Add the Bulk Action option in the Listview of the Configuration Page.

"" to "" will work on SuiteCRM versions 7.0.* to 7.11.*

The Round Robin Assignment add-on helps users to assign records on the basis of the Round Robin Policy.

Yes. Round Robin Assignment supports core modules and custom modules as well.
Yes. The Round Robin Policy applies to single users and groups.
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Create a round robin assignment rule in SuiteCRM, so new leads can be automatically distributed in a rotational manner that’s equal for members of your sales team.

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