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Algolia Integration – Add search engine with your website

Variance Infotech will work with you to aid in Algolia based search engine on your web application. Our experts will implement necessary configurations through which visitors of your website can find what they are looking no matter the number of webpages

What we do during integration process?

  • Your website data is pushed from user agent to Algolia derived search engine via a RESTful JSON API
  • We then add Algolia-linked search box to all web pages
  • Replication of existing data to Algolia servers
  • Continuous sync of your ever changing data with that of Algolia
  • Configure Algolia index and decide priority of fields
  • Define ranking/priority of fields in index
  • Write API to call Algolia index and display result back on your portal

Benefits of site native search engine


Reduced visitor bouncing

Being able to take prospect to desired content without a doubt results in more conversions. Algolia’s versatile ranking algorithm calculates ranking of possible relevant content and displays targeted search result.


Relevance & Ranking customization

You can provide importance to each field of your data and based on that Algolia’s tie-breaking based ranking algorithm calculates ranking of search result.


Highlighted words

Each search response is accompanied by one or more highlighted contents to help visitor catch section and words within webpage that matches the user’s query.


Suggestions as you type

Algolia search engine provides suggested words just like Google so that you can easily recollect right search word for your navigation, or refine search queries


Geo awareness

Providing righteous results based on location is crucial. Geo feature available in mobile (& desktop also) version of software enables you to display relevant results sorted out by distance by detecting your ip address


Global language support

Algolia is Unicode-compliant. It supports both both left-to-right and right-to-left scripts. Therefore visitors can search using any language like Chinese, Korean, Arabic and so on.

A word about Algolia search software

Search is the most important feature of any website.
We keep website to show our work, products & services and to sell more.
Out of thousands of surfers, when a small subset of visitors are landed on our site or mobile application, we have to direct them towards right category of pages or screens.
Websites which showcase any search widget at all,  mostly present poorly implemented piece of technology solution that does not justify efforts to convince visitor to buy.
This happens because most of the times, in-house developed search tool does not hold features in magnitude.
And no matter the domain/industry you are working in, importance of search facility holds true for each business site, so we cannot ignore it.
Variance Infotech suggests their customers to utilize advanced search facility by integrating Algolia search app with their website and mobile application.  It is 360 degree flexible and cost-effective.
To know more about Algolia, please visit its first source site, as this page is about Algolia integration services that we, developers at Variance Infotech provide.